What is Tap technology? Is that the same stuff on those samsung commercials.

Yes, while its is the same technology on the front end, what we do with it is another thing entirely. Imagine the technology is a balloon, we shape it so that others can use it in unique ways. Tapping is fun, simple and easy to do. Tap and Go.

I'm a business looking to use some of this stuff. Can I track it?

Yes, we have developed custom metrics that track all sort of stuff, from where, when and how, to who they are, and what they like. The more engaging the experience the better.

How is this different from QR codes? QR codes just require too much. It requires you to have a app, load the app, and point and shoot. It does offer 2 unique things. 1. Boring and Non Interactive responses and 2. No one uses them. While they look techy, consumers don't use them because it's not a natural way of integration. In other words just too many steps to engage in it. Often the reward is just sending people to their website, which is not engaging.

I'm curious, but I don't have a great idea for it

Thats great because that is what we specialize in. Give us a call or shoot us an email to find out how we can create a dynamic social event for your company or service.